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“This is that rare thing: a truly original novel. Imagine Zen and the Art of Dentistry co-written by Philip Roth and Larry David, and you might get an idea of how funny and unique Journey of a JuBu is. Reading stories of spiritual awakening can be like getting a root canal. Fortunately, Blaine Langberg knows how to apply laughing gas so that readers don’t even realize they’ve been enlightened until they stop giggling.”

Chris Belden, author of Shriver 

“Who can write with witty irreverence about deep spirituality, combining existential despair with laugh-out-loud humor? Blaine Langberg can! Sparked with charm and hilarious social satire, Journey of a Jubu is an earnest exploration of the meaning of life and the commitments of love by a suburban professional who attempts to navigate a world that has just about lost all sanity. A scintillating, fast-paced novel that lingers in the heart and mind.”

Valerie Ann Leff, author of Better Homes and Husbands

Journey of a Jubu is part Seinfeld, part Portnoy, and a wholly new vision for understanding the mysteries of faith. It will keep you laughing throughout, but those beautiful, honest moments of introspection—they will keep you thinking long after you're done.”

Bill Wolff, author of Bruce Springsteen and Popular Music

Journey of a JuBu is a smart, witty novel about an orthodontist and his fictional pediatric dentist alter ego. Langberg, an orthodontist himself, uses liberal doses of humor to explore questions about spirituality, career fulfillment, and family.”

Heather Frimmer, author of Bedside Manners

“Dr. Langberg has written an important novel which is not only engaging but also reveals significant truths and insights. He has portrayed so clearly how many of us humans have our bodies and our relationships disturbed by our old programming, and how spiritual and psychological interventions and practices can change one's life for the good—sometimes dramatically.


I recommend it to those who not only want entertainment but who also want more peace and happiness in their lives and who are ready to recognize that these are experiences we can choose—if we want to find ways to do just that—since we are not powerless victims of the world we see.”

Henry Grayson, Ph.D., author of

Mindful Loving and Your Power to Heal

“With Journey of a JuBu, Blaine Langberg has created characters so real, one feels like a voyeur reading the book. It’s sex, drama, mindfulness and therapy all rolled into one. Both riveting and heartfelt, JuBu is a page-turning roller coaster.  I couldn’t put the book down and am forever changed from having read it.”

Diane Brown, religious educator at Temple B’nai Chaim

“I really enjoyed Journey of a JuBu. It’s a thoroughly entertaining and fresh take on an inspiring spiritual journey, told with humor and candor. We can all learn from each other’s stories about cultivating the inner self. The story unfolds with a nice flow and draws the reader further and further to its very satisfying end. This book reminds us that every choice matters and of the incalculable benefits of living mindfully.”

Katherine Greene, editor of

Between My Ears by Douglas Sutherland

“What happens when we put our dreams on hold for others? And how do we find them again? Journey of a JuBu cleverly serves up a book within a book, chronicling the parallel paths of author (Jacob) and subject (Adam) as each faces the greatest challenge of his life. At times poignant, at time hilarious, this book playfully inspires readers to seek a more enlightened and fulfilling life.”

Julia Bobkoff, award-winning poet and screenwriter

"Journey of a Jubu, is a Yin and Yang fictional novel about Dr. Jacob Silverstein, an Orthodontist and his alternative personality, Adam Freeman. In the story, Dr. Silverstein is a kind and respected individual that always puts his family and his patients’ needs before his own while suppressing his desires and frustration, the yang. To release the anger that has built up inside him, he created the main character, Adam Freeman. Adam is ruthless, self-centered, and narcissistic, the yin. Both characters suffer from a yin deficiency. To create a balance in their life, they turn to Buddhism and its five principles (Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirodha, and Magga).  Buddhism teaches Dr. Silverstein how to create a feeling of wholeness by bringing his two halves, Yin and Yang together."

Grade: B+

Worth buying: yes

The New England Book Critic

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